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How clean are your hands, vessels, floors, vehicles?

Always having everyday cleaning essentials handy is important to keep your place tidy. We have a wide array of products you need from Hand Wash gel, Dish Wash, Floor Wash, Toilet cleaner, Phenyle to Car Wash and Bike Wash. Using low quality products can result in permanent damage to your home surfaces and transportation means. Sometimes, it is harmful to your skin as well. Keeping your home and workplace clean and hygienic is essential and our highest quality products will help you do just that.

Cleaning faucet and sinks:

Faucets are one of the 10 dirtiest places in a home. Not many people think about cleaning their faucet, but when you think about what could possibly be on the spout which delivers your water, it is a necessary step.

Cleaning the kitchen:

The kitchen is the centre of most homes. When you are done with dinner, begin by cleaning your vessels. Clean up any clutter which might have made its way into the kitchen.

Cleaning the living space:

The living space of a house is the main area visitors will see and where you and your family will spend most of your time. However, all this activity can cause the living space to become the dirtiest and most disorganized in the house. The best thing to do at the end of the day is to go through your living space and do a mop up.

Cleaning the bathroom:

Bathrooms can have germs which will not only make the room smell foul, but could possibly cause your family to fall sick. Keeping your bathroom clean will help you keep your family healthy and protect them. Just like in the living spaces, clean your walls and tiles regularly.

Cleaning your vehicles:

Dust and dirt will not only make your vehicle look unattractive, but it can damage it's paint and performance in the long run. So, keep your bikes and cars gleaming by cleaning frequently.